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Long term industry professionals (veteran actors, casting director, producers and writers) building a database of excellent actors, with REAL physical differences, who are talented, ready, and able to audition for all kinds of roles in film and television. 

This includes all trained actors who have a physical difference, that has kept them from working, or caused doors to be closed to them, in the Entertainment Industry, in spite of their ability. 

If you are a TRAINED actor, working in the Entertainment Industry, and have been denied roles or auditions, due to the Industry's perception of your disability, we welcome you to this group and will try to help get your name and work out there. 

PLEASE honor our request that you really be trained and ready to work professionally! We are tired of hearing the Industry say that people with physical challenges are NOT talented, so we are going to guide them to the TRULY talented who have done their work.

Please include your experience, resume or training experience, how long you have been trying to work in the Industry, a reel if possible, any Union affiliations, and any other information you feel will be helpful in placing you in roles. Please also tell us what the physical challenge is that you are dealing with, and if it actually will inhibit portraying ANY role, or not. If there are roles you are especially suited for, BECAUSE of your physical difference, tell us that, too.

We are also open to submissions from people recommending these actors. As actors are submitted, they will be added to our database and recommended for appropriate roles.

Thank you for helping us make it possible for people with physical challenges to be considered for ALL kinds of roles in Entertainment, not just disabled roles.

Also, if you have a CASTING NEED, post here or message us, and we will recommend actors for you. 


Also on the group's page, articles and news about actor's with disabilities works and related news


Views from America

On the website Disability Talk UK, actress Eileen Grubba writes the regular columns "Views from America", where she addresses the issues of diversity or the lack of it when it comes to representing disability even on diversity panels. She shares her experiences dealing with casting directors and how to use your disability as a role building strength. Eileen has made many connections with UK Talent Agencies working directly with actors and contributing to publications and radio shows. 

Check the columns:

Eileen is also part of the group Everyday Warriors, on Facebook

Actress Eileen Grubba Fights Prejudice Against People with Disabilities




















Eileen Grubba as Alice Ann in NBC’s Game of Silence. (Photo by: Quantrell Colbert/NBC)

Eileen Grubba is known for her diverse body of work and her ability to be vulnerable on stage and on screen. Other actors have compared her to stars such as Geraldine Page and Kim Stanley. Most recently, Grubba has appeared in shows such as NBC’s Game of Silence and FX’s Sons of Anarchy.  But despite her many accolades and successes, there were times when Grubba wanted to quit the industry. She faced discrimination in Hollywood because of her disability—a limp. 

When Eileen Grubba moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago, she found that Hollywood—an industry that responds harshly to even the smallest imperfections—can be downright prejudiced against people with disabilities. But Grubba has found that her experience surrounding her disability was a “treasure chest” she could pull from for acting. Her experiences and her ability to put that into her into work are driving her success.

Tune in below for her story.

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Actress Eileen Grubba, sitting with a cigarette on her hnd and bottle of wine on the table beside her.
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