Fashion advertising and shows are everywhere. But where are models with disabilities in them? There is no numbers about the presence of people with disabilities in fashion or model agencies (if you know, please let us know!). In some countries, model agencies specialize in "different models". But few regular agencies have models with disabilities in their portfolios.

To increase the presence of models with disabilities in fashion, some organizations started efforts to contact companies or ads agencies and ask them to start using models with disabilities in fashion shows, catalogues and advertising. And some companies started to do it by themselves. Actualy, in recent years some fashion designers and have deliberately searched for "different"models to impact the presentation of their creations. 


The results have been fantastic, in terms of visibility and media return for the companies. But, more important, as a way of including people with disabilities in a area that, historicaly, has been dominated by the perfect able body. In terms of identity and self recognition, the images of fashion models with disabilites cause a very positive effect for persons with disabilities. Not to mention the job opportunity and involvement of models with disabilities with members of the media and entertainment industry, which, in itself, is a powerful tool of advocacy for inclusion.