Inclusion in Media

There are some organizations that work actively to promote the presence of persons with disabilities in the media. Meet some of them.

Do you know other organizations that do this job?

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Organizations that promote inclusion in media




Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0

Increases employment of people with disabilities in-front-of and behind-the camera/keyboard; improves authentic disability-inclusive diversity portrayals in media, advertising, and emerging digital platforms; and expands accessible media to those who are deaf, blind, or have other disabilities. 

Disability & Media Summit 2016 in USA

EIN SOF Communications

Full-service strategic marketing, branding, market research/analysis, and employment consultation firm specializing in disability-inclusive diversity and public policy. 

Changing the Face of Beauty 

Empowers people living with disabilities by advocating for inclusive imagery, thus changing perceptions and igniting futures in the media and advertising industries.


DSAIA-Down Syndrome in Arts and Media

Casting liaison service for individuals with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities like William’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, those on the autism spectrum and more.

Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates

The KMR Diversity Department specializes in character actors and models with diverse disabilities for Film, Television, Commercials, Theatre, Print and Live Appearances. KMR has a long history working in this community and proudly represents some of it’s finest working actors. KMR is also known as a resource for finding just the right actor for that “hard to find” character when it comes to a disability. 


Lights, Camera, Access!

Provides services to advance the presence and participation of persons with disabilities in the entertainment, arts and digital media industries.



Scope is a charity that exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we’ll be here.

Do you know other organizations that do this job?

Please tell us! We are always eager to meet them!